As of 1st November 2022, the publishing house Dr. Josef Raabe, Ltd. has launched the transnational project “DEveloping the COgnitivE Potential of Preschoolers from Disadvantaged Backgrounds (DECODE)”. The project will combine the efforts of eight organisations from three European countries (Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia). The aim of this project is to develop the cognitive potential of preschoolers from disadvantaged backgrounds through the creation, testing and validation of innovative learning resources to be applied in kindergartens and at home, training courses for teachers and workshops for parents, a digital repository and many other outcomes.

What are the planned outcomes of the project?

  • Methodology for kindergarten teachers,
  • educational teaching resources for kindergarten,
  • manual for parents,
  • learning resources for the home environment,
  • digital repository,
  • training course for kindergarten teachers,
  • a guide for kindergarten teachers on how to conduct workshops with parents. 

Who is the project for?

  • For preschool teachers,
  • children in pre-school education,
  • parents

Who are the partners of the DECODE project?

Representatives of the Czech Republic: the project coordinator Dr. Josef Raabe Publishers, Ltd., Prague, the Association of Preschool Education (APV), the Čtyřlístek Kindergarten in Kadan and the Liběšice Primary School and Kindergarten.

Slovak partners: EXPOL PEDAGOGIKA, Ltd., Primary School and Kindergarten Kalinčiakova Bratislava.

The University of Maribor and Kindergarten Vrtec Ivana Glinská are partners from Slovenia.

More information about the partners can be found on the official website of the project.

DECODE project partners meeting

 The first international meeting of DECODE project partners took place on 15th  November 2022. The first virtual meeting was organised by the coordinator Raabe Publishing House. The meeting was attended by representatives of all DECODE project partners from the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Slovenia. The content of the meeting was a mutual introduction, getting acquainted with the project documentation and funding rules, and very important point- the presentation of the DECODE project with all its tasks (e.g. the exact timetable of intellectual outputs, discussion how to run the project, setting the terms of our meetings, the way of communication…).
We were able to divide the tasks between the partners, to plan the tasks during the project and to go through the partnership agreements. We all together proposed the development and the first steps of the first intellectual output, which is the DECODE methodology.

The second international meeting of the DECODE project was held face-to-face and took place in Prague in January 2023. At the meeting we discussed the following outputs: the DECODE methodology for teachers, a guide for parents, teaching materials for kindergarten and at home, examples and possibilities of a digital databank. Everything was done within the framework of lively discussions of all partners, linking theory with practice and experience, and looking for the greatest possible benefits for teachers, children and parents.

More information about the partners can be found on the official website of the project.